What to pack for a car show🎒👛👒

Car shows can be pretty darn fun, pack correctly and turn that fun up to ELEVEN!

Bare Bones Packing:
  • Chairs, bring a few extra chairs, you never know where seating will be
  • Water, TONS of water! Stay hydrated + make friend's cause u know peeps gonna b thirsty!
  • Snacks, there's tons of food carts in the vicinity of the Block Party but if you're like us you need access to food 24/7...
  • Sunscreen, shade can be limited...
  • Layers, some just in case clothes. Car shows are long days, the temperature changes, what if there's an El Camino pool? What if there's a water fight? Best to be prepared...
Stuff To Make Yr Car Look Top Notch
  • Microfiber towel to get rid of an road dust
  • Glass cleaner + newsprint (our fave)
  • Tire shine
  • Interior wipes
    Going The Extra Mile
    • Umbrella, tent shade situation. Throw up a little shade for peeps to hang under and you'll b the belle of the ball