About Car Krush


It all began when Emily blew the engine in her beloved '88 Trans Am. She wondered how she could combine her passions for art, fashion, and the automotive world to raise money for her 'Lady in Red". The more she talked to other women, the more she realized there was a community of car-loving women waiting to unite. What began as a personal project to raise money for repairs turned into Car Krush, a full-on brand and community project.

Krush Club
This is where it all started. The ‘Krush Club’ highlights women that love and own rad cars. We put together photoshoots (‘cause who doesn’t want a dope photo with their lady?!)  and share their stories.
Suck Squeeze Bang Blow
If you’re in Portland you can attend ’Suck Squeeze Bang Blow’, an auto school of sorts. Our classes are lively and engaging with a slumber party vibe - classes for the backyard wrencher, dabbler and curious. As we grow, our curriculum will grow to include in-depth auto education.
Fashion X Cars
We love cars. We love fashion. It only makes sense to put them together, I mean can’t you just picture exactly what you’d wear if you were driving a white 81 Contach, or a yellow 1970 Cougar Eliminator? We can!! To prove it we’re hard at work on a regular car X fashion editorial, as well as a dope line of apparel and accessories that’ll knock your socks off!